It is a pleasure to welcome you to our website and year 9 for Black Creek. We are able to share a few photos of our farm. Click on photo to enlarge and reduce the slight distortion within the slider image.  Enjoy.

Black Creek  completed construction of our very own Bull Development Pen in 2019. We did not  consign to test centers  and our prospective yearling herd sires were sold on farm by private treaty.  Our pen features a 5 acre wooded exercise area, a sheltered bedding area, and a good long walk to water and the grain trough.

In 2019 we made a decision to switch to a pail fed grain ration supplemented by free choice barley/oat/pea silage bales.  What a noticeable difference in terms of cleanliness over a grain self feeder and free choice hay. Our 2021 group are on the same ration.

We have a very promising group of prospects off our flagship herd sire Bear Creek Stoney 55D. Stoney sons were very popular in our 2020 pen and will high lite our offering once again this year. Black Creek Widespread 631D and Eastondale Thunder 31F round out the 2021 sire group. All three herd sires have lived up to our expectations in terms of calves with explosive growth, leaving exceptional daughters for our replacement pen, and most noticeable good FEET.  Please refer our Sire page for more detailed information.

Time well spent ………. I’ve always felt that the most important key in selecting your bull battery is to spend a day visiting and looking at the herd from which you plan to buy your bulls. If you like the cows and the management of them, that’s where you need to be buying your bull from. It’s pretty simple, bulls leave daughters like their mothers and grandmothers!

You are always welcome here at Black Creek to look over our herd.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us at blackcreekangus.com and for showing an interest in our purebred  Black Angus program. For more information be sure to visit our About Us page.

We are located in south west Manitoba approximately 20 minutes south of Brandon, exactly 4 miles south of the Wawanesa Hwy #10 & #2 Junction and then 1 mile west. See our Map for more details.

Stop in for a visit, call, or send us an email from the Contact Us page. We look forward to meeting with you and to share in our passion for the cattle industry.