About Us

JeffBrownWelcome to 2021 and my 9th calf crop is on the ground. Black Creek is a first generation farm having it’s beginning in 1993 as a 100 head commercial cow calf operation. This was basically a Black Angus – Black Simmental cross herd and I could really see the economical advantages in this cross. The calves gave you the pounds at sale time and the F1 females make excellent replacement cows as needed.  The commercial sector is moving away from winter calving and into more of an open range less confined wintering program with the cow herd needing less labor and the cows having to be able to look after themselves.

In 2012 I sold my cross cows, kept my best registered cows, purchased a few high quality open heifers, and decided to accept the challenge of a pure bred Black Angus herd. Black Creek’s aim is to breed the type of cattle that will work in today’s industry. Our program is to breed quality, easy keep, easy handling females with progeny that will work in any cattleman’s herd.

I believe that the Angus influenced genetics have the greatest potential to serve the cattle industry as it changes and moves forward. The Angus females offer a tremendous balance of fertility, calving ease, keep efficiency, and superior maternal performance. The Angus bulls produce cattle that are moderately framed, easy fleshing, and are super efficient on grass. Today’s herd must strive for genetic combinations that produce balance trait cattle with the ability to generate pounds while maintaining herd fertility and longevity to improve your bottom line. I have searched out genetics that will increase pounds, improve efficiency, reduce your labor and input costs and provide you with great replacement females.

We are very excited that our young cow herd  is living up to it’s genetic profile. We look up and down the pedigreed for cow maker influences and believe that you need better cows to produce better seed stock.

We are not just another new breeder hoping to sell a bull, but rather a breeder building a herd of functioning productive females. Our goal is to give our local cattleman another option that can be trusted to work in his herd. We will never be trend setters or trend chasers. We have not stepped up to the plate hoping for that high profile home run. We want to build a reputation based on the soundness and predictability of our cow herd. A reputation that will make you want to come back to look year after year.