Black Creek Angus is into it’s 9th calving season and has tripled the size of our herd by building from within.  We did not just purchased a bunch of cows hoping for something good to happen.

We took the time to search out a fine group of breeders that take pride in the consistency of their cow herd. Cow herds that are uniform and  produces a uniform set of calves. These breeders all work hard at their cow herd and believe that good cows have good calves regardless of what the sire is. Their cows calve early each year, bring in a big calf at weaning, and have a gentle disposition with beautiful udders. Then they  see the daughters of these good cows doing the same thing, hence we adopted the slogan:

“Momma Cow Comes First”

We were able to jump start our herd through the purchase of a few quality bred heifers  from Dale Easton (Eastondale Angus), Alvin and Troy  Frick (Northern View Angus), Brian Sutter (Atlasta Angus), and Trent Liebreich (Merit Cattle Company).  We have retained our best open heifers and they are now active in our herd and doing exactly what their mothers did.

We are committed to use maternal sires on this young herd and to focus on developing balanced cattle. Cattle that are designed for easy calving, explosive growth, moderate frame, and to leave a great set of replacement females. Consistency results from building a group of cows that will be 1/2, 3/4, and full sisters.


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