Performance Data


WEANING WEIGHT DATE:  September 23, 2020

June 01:  7Way Blackleg / Express Feedlot.      October 01: 7 Way Blackleg / Pyramid FP5 + Presponse.       December 01: Cleanup 2 Pour On

ON TEST DATE: September 23, 2020.    Bulls are developed on a backgrounder pellet ration supplied by Master Feeds formulated to target gains of 2.5 – 3 lbs/day. Bulls are pail fed the grain ration at rate of 6lbs/bull twice a day. The pen had access to free choice barley/oat/pea silage bales.

OFF TEST DATE: February 03, 2021  = 136 days . Bulls are slowly taken off the grower pellet ration and left to free choice hay and silage bales.

ADG: Test Sept 23 – Feb 03.  Our target was to average  3 lbs/day. We have data on each bull at your request. The group of 15 had an average of 3.14 lbs/day. The group were not feed to push them to their maximum gain.

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